Risk Assessment

Active Risk Assessment

What is Risk Assessment?

AnotherPeak has a new Playbook.

This playbook includes risk, security and compliance from traditional IT and emerging IoT/Edge compute

In the new world, it is about removing traditional operational silos and offering a simple view on corporate risk.

IoT and Remote Workers

In troubled times why change security providers?

After all they secure critical elements of my network.

But what falls between the cracks?

With more IoT devices and Remote Workers you need a security overlay

Full real-time transactional monitoring

Map all transactional activity.

Craft server and end-user/device profiles.

Block anomalous activity like DDoS attack at source.

Partner Security - How stable are they?

Your network is secure but what about your trading partners?

Your Procurement, Auditors and Finance departments need visibility on partners fiscal and legal risk profile.

By monitoring creditworthiness, balance sheets, negative payment behaviours and other indicators of financial distress you can proactively manage the relationship.

Full real-time fiscal monitoring

Per partner SaaS based monitoring