IoT Edge Security

It is predicted that 75% of all Enterprise data processing will be at the Edge not the Cloud by 2025.

Part of this explosion revolves around the increased use of IoT, the emergence of 5G Slicing services and basic data compliance.

Securing geographically distributed and abundant compute resources,  across potentially different operational silos within a business, is seen as the next big challenge.

How do we solve IoT Edge Security?

Answer is Prismo Systems. 

Prismo automatically creates a real time map of all transactional activity across your compute estate. Profiling the action of each device, user, server and third party connections.

Now, with these profiles, organisations can set policies based on normal behaviour.

Example : CCTV hacked with Botnet based, DDOS attack element. 

CCTV connects to Edge Compute containing a Prismo agent and an  ‘acceptable behaviour’ policy

DDoS attack triggered

Prismo policy blocks attack traffic at the Edge before ever reaching the Internet.

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