IoT devices

IoT Devices

There are a huge range of IoT solutions available today. 

Many come as siloed services.

AnotherPeak’s drive is to aggregate these silos into single estate wide management platforms.

Before we merge we first select the appropriate IoT technology.


Device considerations

Device considerations : in no particular order.

  • What actions are required?
  • What is the frequency?
  • What is the power consumption to meet these requirements?
  • What is the environment ?
  • What is the connectivity?
  • What is the operational SLA?

Use Case : People Counting

Corvid-19 Requirement.

How many people are in the building in real time?

Utilise existing CCTV if quality, position and access is viable.

Ensure customer privacy

Alert staff locally to issues.

Aggregate into an estate wide view for analytical purposes

Use Case : Asset Tracking

Logistics Requirement.

Where is my Container at any point in time?

What are the conditions, temperature, vibration, alignment?

AnotherPeak utilised a combination of ESIM backhaul with a Full Stack Asset tracking solution.

AnotherPeak’s technical consultants programmed the tracker to reflect client requirements. They also crafted an estate wide portal to map each device with geofenced criteria and visual image processing.

North bound GCP Analytics are the next step in the service evolution.