End-User Digital Engagement


My first act in a morning is checking the BBC website for the latest news.  It is my trusted portal, my mini-verse of ever changing content.

Alas many organisations continue to struggle with their mini-verse, with the challenges that surround the digital engagement of end-users.

In most cases in-house technology stacks with associated CRM and ERP system lack the flexibility to offer a continually evolving service. Whilst third party content, gaming etc is commercially available to fill the gaps, integration proves a challenge.  Factor in third party services like payment gateways and user identification and an  increased compliance and auditing requirement, and the chasm is often too broad to cross.

Any new emerging solution must overlay existing services, be simple to deploy and offer a common secure data repository from which compliance and auditing activities can be automated.


A cornerstone of the Metaverse concept is a continuously improving content infrastructure, to appeal to the widest demographic possible. 

Certain demographics are more demanding and less loyal, hence any mobile engagement must be agile, dynamic and creative.


Take a Retail example. The Retailer ‘knows-the-client’ via a mobile app scanned in-store and against which ‘offers’ are posted. The engagement is short and focused on the act of shopping in-store.

Enter Multilot.

Overlay the existing technology stack with a SaaS service accessed via APIs.  Now offer a comprehensive range of games, lottery and sweepstake applications via Unity with the associated gaming licence and compliance requirements built in.

Every shopper who scans in-store enters the daily sweepstake. That evening at home he/she checks the application for the results and may play a game or two available on the platform.

Now, fold in a 50/50 charity lottery or loyalty point driven gamification or access to a third party vendor portal….all tracked and stored in a single structure.

In an instant the Retailer has extended that trusted mindshare beyond the store, potential engaged other family members and opened up new revenue paths.

The initial work we have done with Multilot and Unity illustrates the huge benefits combining a single data exchange, compliance and gaming into one easily accessible SaaS based service.