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Business & Innovation

Our goal is to educate organisations on the potential of innovative technology.

We seed ideas and help organisations better understand the potential.

You don’t know what you don’t know

Innovation hunting

Based on business needs AnotherPeak hunts new emerging technology, qualifies and reports.

Some businesses pivot on emerging technology.

Others augment with new ideas.

Architecting Innovation

Proof of Concepts

Not slideware but real demonstartions of the technology in action.

AnotherPeak specialises in crafted PoCs for clients around the world

Selling Innovation

Innovation sometimes forces organisations into unfamiliar waters.

Through acquisition, through evolution sales teams are faced with new problem/solution parameters.

AnotherPeak’s European wide team of sales consultants are available to augment the migration.

Corporate culture

All organisations should have a board level Innovations officer.

But Innovation is more than technology, it is about the Structure and Internal Communication that allows innovation to thrive.

In conjunction with Gina London and Dales Consulting , we offer a top down approach to Innovation.

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