We enable our clients to onboard and sell complex technologies through tailored integration services.

Solution Consulting Studio



We leverage the latest technologies and avoid re-inventing the wheel for focusing on the use-case.


Step by step

We promote solutions that can be demonstrated block after block, in order to simplify and expedite the validation process.



We keep in mind the business value and ensure the ration cost/business value is a breakthrough today and tomorrow.

Our mission

Help you in a not-so-easy set of transition steps for you to better and faster ingest very new IT Software and Hardware technologies

Our offering

On-Demand Technology Implementation Experts
Comprehensive Tech Deployment Services
Turnkey Pilot and Pre-Sales Support
Ensuring your projects are successful from the outset

Our domains of immediate added value

Edge Computing

Better Experience & Performance.

Smart sensors

Increased situations awareness cases.

Data Ecosystems

Faster onboarding of partners & associated business

Ressource Optimization

Match costs to your needs and the business

What's in for our clients

Wrap-Up: Why AnotherPeak?

AnotherPeak Delivers Build Create

Solutions that will make your transition easier

  • Strong technology expertise & visibility on new directions.
  • Hands-on experience for each of our key "ingredients".
  • Pro-active at applying learned use-cases from one Industry to another, even-more when they enable new modelss.
  • Best at composing solutions that can be put together quickly, sourcing state-of-the-art ingredients.

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